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Rehabilitation Services in Millard County

Delta Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine has offices in both Delta and Fillmore. They are a great asset to our community because of the various therapies they provide. Here is an overview of a few things offered in their clinic.

Occupational therapy, or therapy practices to help increase everyday living functionality, could include things like hand therapy, walking and movement therapy, driving, home modifications and even cognitive therapy. Occupational therapy envelopes any improvement needed to make sure you can get through day to day life effectively.

Delta Physical Therapy is pleased to announce they are adding a new Speech Language Pathologist to their crew very soon! The new Speech Pathologist will be able to help the elderly with senior communication needs, such as dementia. They will be able to work with children, and even help with things like swallowing, tongue issues, and speech comprehension.

Dr. Quackenbush has a Trazer system which is a machine that screens your brain for cognitive function, reaction time, speed and fall risks. For athletes, this tool can be especially useful because it can show their strengths and weaknesses, like balance and stability but is most often used for screenings for concussion. The machine has training to strengthen the areas individual athletes need improvement on, and monitors the process. Delta Physical Therapy’s systems can pinpoint exactly how your athlete is doing and know what to do to heal their brain completely before returning to sports. Those screened before trauma can have a better understanding of the healing process necessary because they have previous history of the athletes brain activity.

The BioDex machine accesses an individuals risk of falling by screening their balance capabilities. It can help prepare a training plan for fall prevention.

Delta Physical Therapy has an Litecure Class IV Infrared deep tissue laser for treatment of muscle pain and inflammation and speed healing.

The newest addition coming to Delta Physical Therapies office soon offers a resource for businesses! There will soon be employment screenings available. These screenings can show an applicants ability to lift, push, pull, and more, to assess potential job performance.

Delta/Fillmore Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine PC

95 White Sage Ave, Suite C

Delta, UT 84624

Lunch was from Hwy 6&50 and was fantastic as usual. Chicken Marsala, mashed potatoes, vegetables, roll, desert, and lemonade.


New Member Ginny Walker introduced herself as the new owner of the gym on Main Street. She's been working hard with her family's help to make it an open, safe, and friendly environment where everyone feels welcome. Memberships are affordable and open ended so it's workable for the unpredictable times we're living in at the moment.

President Justin Taylor thanked 2020 President Sue Peterson for her time and efforts. He announced the New Board Members as Anthony Lazenby, Hwy 6&50; Jacey Martinez, Total Control Spraying; Maggie Webster, Housing Perks; and Russell Anderson, Delta Valley Trucking.

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