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Our Mission

"Our mission is to strengthen the local economy and serve as the voice of business in community affairs, and to support the interests of its citizens in municipal, provincial and national interests."

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

What is chamber of commerce and how does it affect businesses? The chamber of commerce by definition is a local organization that gathers business leaders working in the community. The intention is to advance the goals and interests of your organization and others operating in the area. Typically, it is a group of locally owned businesses that have a common interest. They have the authority to vote on the board of directors that helps create and implement policies and run the chamber.

What does the chamber of commerce do?

  • Lobby the government on topics that support commerce in general and their members specifically

  • Provide educational opportunities for members

  • Assist businesses with marketing

  • Host networking events

The specifics that an individual chamber of commerce does can vary significantly. Some are very active and offer lots of opportunities, while others don’t do much beyond the basics. Evaluating an organization you’re thinking about joining can help you understand what you’re getting for your membership fees.

What benefits does being a member offer?

The business members benefit the most from a chamber of commerce, but the community as a whole can also benefit. By supporting local businesses and helping them grow, the organization gives community members access to more shopping and services. It can help the area thrive and make it easier for consumers to find what they need.

  • Promoting small businesses:  A chamber of commerce is focused on being an advocate for small businesses within a specific region. They can help you host an event that can drive more foot traffic and inspire other organizations to volunteer and participate in charity events. In other words, they can help provide tools and resources to expand the outreach of local businesses.

  • Increasing the exposure of your business:Being a member of a chamber of commerce is a cost-effective marketing opportunity for your company. Your chamber of commerce will likely create a directory of member businesses. This helps people find you when they need your products or services.

  • Connecting you with other businesses: The chamber of commerce often gives members the chance to speak about their businesses and meet other business owners. Some business leaders may want to work with you due to the exposure. It can also increase your chances of getting third-party credibility through media interviews if your company continues to be successful.

  • Shaping policies: While the chamber of commerce doesn’t have direct control over the government, these groups often work to influence local laws and policies. This can help the area become more business-friendly.

  • Encouraging community involvement: As a local organization, a chamber of commerce often supports other local organizations to fulfill needs in the community. As a chamber member, you can participate in those community events. This helps you connect to more community members and gives your business positive press.

  • Educating members: Businesses who join the chamber of commerce have access to various educational resources. This might include monthly newsletters, workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities. Learning more about business can help you grow your company.

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