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Snow Goose Festival

the geese

The Snow Geese are wild! We never know what they are going to do or where they are going to be. They go off the day's weather and sunlight. They *usually* come on the water about 10 AM or later. They *usually* fly off around 4:30 PM. This is on an ideal day. They are almost always on the water around noon - that's the best time to catch them.  The geese are sometimes on the south east bend of the Gunnison Bend Reservoir in Sherwood Shores neighborhood. If they are not there, go around the outside of Sherwood Shores to see if they are in a different place on the water.  Sometimes they are on the north west bend.  If you stay in your car, you can "Goose Chase" them to the fields for a whole different viewing experience.  They'll let you get pretty close in your car.  Sometimes getting out of your car will spook them. 

Please respect the community who lives here by staying on the main roads and designated beaches ONLY! Do not go on private property. Respect the geese as well please. Follow our FB page for updates on where the geese are closer to the event.

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