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short for Delta Area Chamber Commerce Bucks

DACC  Bucks

Dacc Bucks are gift certificates that can be used at any participating Chamber of Commerce Member’s Business.  There is a QR Code on the new DACC Bucks (example on bottom of page) that shows a list of businesses that accept DACC Bucks.  There are over 110 businesses in the Chamber – including all major businesses. These are a great alternative to visa gift cards because they keep shopping local and support our home town businesses.  You can write in a specific business on the card so that it becomes a gift card to that individual business, or leave it blank to be spent at any Chamber Member business!  (Great option for those businesses that do not have gift cards on hand!  Oh, and by the way businesses, the office can make you printable gift cards/certificates/coupons for your business.)

Any one can buy these!!!    

IPSC (Intermountain Power Plant) has their own designed IPSC Award gift cards.  They look different, but are from the Chamber of Commerce as well. 

To place a bulk order, please call/email ahead to order.

***Note*** New Dacc Buck paper colors updated in December 2020.  Old cards will still be valid, and will be in circulation for a few years.

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Dacc Bucks PDF
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