Materion - A Global Leader in Advanced Materials

Materion Resources began operations in Millard and Juab County in 1968 and is one of our Country’s largest asset.

What does Materion mine? What is the operation process like? What makes it essential to our economy? Let's start with the history of Materion Resources, a history that dates millions of years in the making.


Materion started as Brush Laboratories in 1921, mining the rare mineral and metal beryllium. Beryllium is incredibly versatile; it weighs four times less than steel, and can withstand incredible pressures and heats other materials cannot. This makes it incredibly popular and in wide demand.

During World War Two, Materion single handedly produced one-half of the country’s aircraft and marine needs. Following the war more advanced technology planning started in the 1950's. Delta location has about 70 employees.

There are about 38 million pounds of beryllium classified as reserves as of year-end 2020. Three different deposit layers were formed from volcanic activity long ago. These three layers shifted to an approximate 45-degree angle.

This is convenient because now the beryllium is easily accessible. The ore is very deep; therefore, future mining is promising. Materion spent considerable time drilling out the property to better understand how much ore is available. It is estimated there is 75 plus years left of usable beryllium to mine. To date, the estimated number of pounds of beryllium mined is approximately 20 million.

Mining Operations

The top layer of beryllium is blasted with explosives to begin the hauling process. Truckloads are then hauled to the processing plant north of Delta. The estimated grade of ore remaining in the ground is approximately 0.7% beryllium.

The ore is ground to a fine powder and sulfuric acid is applied to leach the beryllium from the ore