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Business Safety and Fraud

On February 9th, Sherriff Jacobson came and talked to us about business safety ad fraud. None of us like to feel like we have been taken advantage of, yet we often times let it sneak in. He stated that it takes only 30 seconds for someone to steal, or any other crime to happen. He gave each one a magazine called "Protect yourself & Your Loved ones". He stated while the law is an effective deterrent, educating our community is the best protection against these issues. He reminded us that it is our responsibility to know what is going on in our neighborhoods. As much as the law enforcement would like to know everything that is going on, we know our neighborhoods better than they do. Law enforcement

is willing and want to help us all they can. Please be aware of what is going on in your community. This book is available to anyone that wants one and if I can be of help to get you one, please let me know.

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